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Legend Removals is a family-owned furniture removals company based in Pretoria. Specializing in household furniture removals, and office relocations. The company has been operating across South Africa for over 10 years, specializing in both local and long-distance relocations. They have a team of well trained staff with experience to cater to your every moving need. Read Legend Removals Reviews on Movers Magnet and find out why we’re trusted by countless satisfied customers. While you at it, book your with the Legends using their profile on Movers Magnet to get a good deal from an experienced service provider. 

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Book your move with Legend Removals via their profile on Movers Magnet. As a proud partner of Movers Magnet, they offer the better deals exclusively through this platform. Whether you require a long-distance relocation from Pretoria to the Western Cape or simply relocating within the city, trust them to take care of all your moving needs. With their well trained and experienced team, your relocation belongings are in reliable hands.

Legend Removals Reviews on Movers Magnet - Book Your Move. Furniture Moving Company Directory

Legend Removals Overview

Legend Removals, a distinguished family-owned furniture removals enterprise with its head office in Pretoria, South Africa, showcases a legacy in the relocation industry. With a profound specialization in household removals, furniture transportation, office relocations, and vehicle transport services, Legend Removals is a trusted partner for stress-free moves across the nation. Whether clients are planning a relocation within South Africa, Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Lesotho, or Mozambique, Legend Removals consistently delivers streamlined solutions to simplify the moving process.

With a commitment to customer satisfaction at its core, Legend Removals facilitates a fast online quote request process, granting clients an immediate 10% discount upon submission. Clients can expect prompt responses to their online inquiries, often within a few hours, initiating their moving process on an organized note.

For office relocations, Legend Removals has a team of seasoned professionals qualified at ensuring minimal disruption to clients’ operations. Meticulous planning and execution precede every office move, with careful dismantling of office furniture and equipment to facilitate a seamless transition to the new workspace.

For clients in need of temporary storage solutions, they provide access to secure storage facilities equipped with round-the-clock surveillance and insurance options to safeguard belongings during the transition period.

Acknowledging the significance of peace of mind during the moving process, Legend Removals offers insurance options to protect clients’ goods against unforeseen circumstances. All Risk insurance is available at a nominal fee, ensuring clients’ belongings are covered throughout the relocation process.

Clients are encouraged to provide details about their residence type when requesting a quote, including townhouses, flats, or other areas with potential accessibility restrictions. Their versatile fleet of vehicles and shuttle services allows for accommodation of special conditions, optimizing both time and cost efficiency for clients.

Choose Legend Removals for your next move and experience unparalleled service, reliability, and professionalism every step of the way. With a commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction, Legend Removals sets the standard for a legendary moving experience.

Legend Removals - Furniture Removal Routes

Route From Route To Estimated Transit Time
Cape Town (via Johannesburg)
5 Working Days
3 Working Days
Same Day
2 - 3 Working Days (Depending on Load size)
Port Elizabeth
7 Working Days
3 - 5 Working Days (Depending on Load size)

Disclaimer: Please note that the provided estimated transit times are average delivery times and may vary based on various factors including logistics, weather conditions, and other unforeseen circumstances. Legend Removals aims to provide accurate estimates; however, we advise clients to always inquire about the estimated transit time when planning their moves to ensure timely arrangements.

Legend Removals Reviews

Legend Removals

May 2, 2024

Legends Removals provided the perfect service! Moving from Johannesburg to Cape Town was easy with them. The movers were really careful and professional. I totally recommend this company for your next move.

M Adelee

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5.0 out of 5 stars (based on 1 review)
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Legend Removals Reviews:
Insights from Satisfied Customers on Movers Magnet. Learn what people who have entrusted their moves to Legend Removals through Movers Magnet have to say about their experiences with the Legends. Our clients’ feedback provides valuable insights into the quality of service, professionalism, and reliability that define Legend Removals’ commitment to excellence. Read firsthand accounts of efficient relocations, exceptional customer service, and peace of mind from those who have chosen the company for their moving needs

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