Cleaning Companies Directory: South Africa

In this directory, we’ve curated a comprehensive list of cleaning companies in South Africa that understand the unique challenges of the moving process and beyond. Whether you’re in search of home residential cleaners, commercial cleaning services, carpet specialists, or high-access cleaning experts, you’ll find professionals in South Africa within this directory.

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How to Use the Cleaning Companies Directory

Designed with you in mind, the cleaning companies directory streamlines the process of finding the right cleaning company in South Africa. No more time-consuming searches—simply enter a few keywords, and the cleaning service you are looking for will instantly appear.

  1. Location-Based Search: Find a cleaning service in your area by typing your city, province, or area into the search bar. For instance:

    -Cape Town
    -Gauteng, and more.



  2.  Cleaning Service Based Search: Looking for a specific service? Type keywords like
    -Carpet Cleaning -Move in & Out Cleaning, -Window Cleaning, -Pest Control -Mattress Cleaning -Commercial Cleaning -Home Cleaning -Apartment Cleaning -High Access Cleaning -Solar Panel Cleaning -Fogging  -Post Construction Cleaning -High-Pressure Cleaning -Curtain Cleaning-Upholstery Cleaning -Steam Cleaning -Persian Carpet Dry Cleaning -Hypogenic Mattress Cleaning -Industrial Cleaning -Event Cleaning

    to find the exact cleaning service listed in the cleaning companies directory.

  3. After Hours Based Search: Need services 24/7? Just search “Open 24hrs” to filter cleaners available around the clock.

  4. Name Search: Search for a specific company by typing its name—Sweep South, Bidvest Prestige, Carpet King, KleenUp—and access contact details or visit their website directly. Alternatively, you can scroll to the bottom of this page to find companies in different regions of South Africa and search for their name in the directory to access their information.


  5. Contact Number Based Search: Know the company’s contact number? Simply type it in. For swift communication via WhatsApp, type “WhatsApp.”

By following these simple steps and using the right keywords, you’ll effortlessly find cleaning and pest control companies in South Africa in this directory, streamlining your search process.

About Movers Magnet's Cleaning Companies Directory

In the chaos of moving, cleaning often becomes an added stress. Cleaning companies in South Africa, featured in the Movers Magnet Cleaning Companies Directory, understand this challenge. They play a vital role in simplifying the transition process, allowing individuals and businesses to focus on crucial aspects of the move.

Moving is already a hectic process. Cleaning companies in South Africa streamline the transition by handling the cleanliness aspect. This not only saves valuable time but ensures a smooth and efficient move, leaving you with one less thing to worry about.

Property managers and landlords often set specific cleanliness standards for move-outs. Cleaning companies in South Africa not only meet but exceed these standards, averting potential disputes and facilitating a seamless handover. Moreover, their services help safeguard your deposit by preventing expensive cleaning fees.

Cleaning is undeniably time-consuming, particularly during a move. Professional cleaning services featured in the directory are equipped to save time, contributing to a faster and more efficient transition for individuals and businesses alike.

For commercial businesses, a clean and organized space is more than aesthetics; it positively impacts the business image. It instills confidence in clients and provides an optimal working environment for employees, fostering productivity and success.

For property owners, maintaining cleanliness during move-outs is an investment. Regular cleaning, especially during transitions, helps preserve and enhance the property’s value. A well-kept property becomes more appealing to potential tenants or buyers, making it a strategic and valuable asset.

At Movers Magnet, our mission is twofold: to enhance efficiency for clients navigating moves and to increase visibility for cleaning companies in South Africa. We strive to ensure a seamless transition for all, leaving you with the confidence that every aspect of your move, especially the cleanliness, is in capable hands.

Correlation Between Cleaning Services & Other Moving-Related Services

The synergy between cleaning services and other moving-related services is evident in the smooth integration of tasks during a move. A pristine environment is essential for both moving out and moving into a new space. Collaboration among cleaning companies, moving companies, trailer rental companies, and packaging services ensures a cohesive and stress-free moving experience. These services complement each other, providing a holistic solution for individuals and businesses navigating the transition of moving.

Benefits of the Cleaning Companies Directory

For Clients:

  1. Streamlined Process: The Cleaning Companies Directory connects cleaning companies with other moving-related services, simplifying the entire moving process for clients.

  2. Cost Efficiency: Clients can potentially save costs by bundling services, with moving companies and cleaning companies that collaborate.

  3. Convenience: Finding, comparing, and booking various services on a single platform saves clients time and effort in the moving planning process.

  4. Comprehensive Solutions: Clients benefit from a range of services, ensuring seamless integration of all aspects of the move, from packing to cleaning.

For Businesses:

  1. Increased Visibility: Cleaning companies gain exposure to clients actively seeking moving-related services, expanding their business opportunities.

  2. Collaborative Opportunities: Businesses can form partnerships with other service providers on the platform, leading to mutual referrals and shared promotional efforts.

  3. Long-Term Contracts: Businesses seeking contract cleaners can easily connect with reliable cleaning services through the directory, ensuring stability and consistency.

  4. Flexible Options: The directory offers a variety of options for businesses seeking short-term cleaners, catering to post-move or one-time cleaning projects.

  5. Improved Efficiency: Businesses can focus on core operations while efficiently managing their cleaning needs through the platform, leading to improved resource allocation.

Cleaning Companies in Johannesburg (Gauteng)

Looking for a cleaning company in Johannesburg or Gauteng? Look no further! Our directory simplifies your search. Whether you need move-in & out cleaners, Airbnb specialists, or more, just type the names in the search bar and connect with the best cleaning services in Johannesburg. Your spotless space is just a click away!

Cleaning Companies in Cape Town (Western Cape)

In Cape Town, we’ve got some fantastic cleaning specialists, even pest control services. And if you need cleaners around the clock, no worries! Just type in the names on our Cleaning Companies Directory, and you’ll be in touch with the right crew to make your space shine, day or night.

Cleaning Companies in Durban (Kwazulu Natal)

In Durban, our directory features esteemed cleaning professionals, specializing in services such as professional carpet cleaning and reputable commercial cleaning companies in South Africa. Simply input the specified names into the directory to seamlessly connect with seasoned professionals tailored to meet your specific cleaning requirements

To sum it up, the Cleaning Companies Directory is there to make sure you get the cleaning services you need, exactly when you need them. Whether you’re in Johannesburg, Durban, Cape Town, or any other city in South Africa, this directory has your back. Find the right cleaning company for your needs hassle-free.

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