Moving Boxes in South Africa: Sizes, Types, and Where to Find Them


Moving boxes vital when you gearing up for a big move in South Africa? Choosing the right moving boxes is essential for a smooth and stress-free relocation. In this comprehensive guide, Movers Magnet shares insights on the best moving box sizes, types, and where to get them in South Africa. From small boxes to heavy-duty crates, this article will cover where to find them and which ones you need, for a smooth moving experience.

Moving Boxes - Explore the Best Sizes for Moving Boxes in South Africa. Choose the right dimensions for a smooth and secure relocation.

Why the Right Moving Boxes Matter

When it comes to moving home, the choice of moving boxes plays a crucial role in ensuring the safety and security of your belongings. The right boxes facilitate efficient packing, protect fragile items, and contribute to an overall smooth moving process

Single Wall Moving Boxes

Single-wall cardboard boxes are commonly used for packaging lightweight products, making them suitable for shipping through postal systems. Despite their prevalence, it’s crucial to note that single wall boxes can vary significantly in quality. 

Single-wall boxes are commonly chosen by online merchants as corrugated shipping cases. While they are a cost-effective alternative to double-wall moving boxes, they still provide adequate rigidity and shock absorption to protect the contents during transportation.

Double Wall Moving Boxes

On the other hand, double-wall cardboard boxes are constructed with two layers of corrugated cardboard (flutes) with a liner board facing between them, resulting in a 5-ply construction. This design provides added strength and stability, making double-wall boxes ideal for heavier or more fragile items.

The additional layer of corrugated material enhances the box’s durability, making it more resistant to crushing and impacts. Double-wall boxes are preferred when extra protection and structural integrity are required, especially for items with higher weight or those susceptible to breakage.

In summary, the choice between single-wall and double-wall boxes depends on the nature of the items being packed and the level of protection needed. Single-wall boxes are suitable for lighter items, offering cost efficiency, while double-wall boxes provide a higher level of strength and stability, making them ideal for heavier or more delicate items. Understanding the nuances of these box types ensures that you select the right option for your specific packaging requirements.

Moving Box Sizes and Recommendations

Small Moving Boxes

Stock 4 & Stock 5 Moving Boxes

Stock 4 – Dimensions: 300 mm x 230 mm x 300 mm

Optimal for kitchen items such as canned goods and small appliances.

Stock 5 –Dimensions: 450 mm x 300 mm x 300 mm|

Ideal for moderately heavy items like shoes, toys, and small kitchen appliances. Suitable for non-fragile items from various rooms.



Medium Moving Boxes

Stock 6 & Stock 7 Moving Boxes

Stock 6 – Dimensions: 610 mm x 450 mm x 300 mm
Suitable for moderately heavy items and non-fragile items


Stock 7 Boxes: Dimensions: 450 mm x 450 mm x 500 mm
Great for lightweight but bulky items like bedding, pillows, and lampshades.

Large Boxes

TVL 12, 9 and 6 Moving Boxes

TVL 12 Boxes:
Dimensions: 500 mm x 400 mm x 780 mm
Ideal for larger, lightweight items.


TVL 9 Boxes:
Dimensions: 500 mm x 400 mm x 450 mm
Suitable for medium-sized items.

TVL 6 Boxes:
Dimensions: 500 mm x 400 mm x 655 mm
Perfect for large but not too heavy items.

Specialized Moving Boxes

Wardrobe Boxes

Wardrobe Boxes:

Dimensions: 558 mm x 432 mm x 1012 mm

Comes with a hanger rod, ideal for delicate garments

Additional Essentials for Moving

Buff or Clear Tape

Use high-quality packing tape to securely seal boxes

Bubble Wrap

Bubble Wrap proves indispensable in the moving process, offering a versatile and protective cushion for fragile items. Specifically recommended for glassware, dishes, electronics, and other breakables, its air-filled bubbles act as shock absorbers, dispersing impact during transit. The adaptability of Bubble Wrap allows for easy wrapping of items of various shapes and sizes, providing comprehensive coverage. Despite its protective capabilities, Bubble Wrap remains lightweight, facilitating ease of handling and minimizing shipping costs. Additionally, its transparent nature allows for visual identification of items without unwrapping, enhancing the efficiency of both packing and unpacking processes. In essence, Bubble Wrap is not just a packing material; it’s a vital safeguard ensuring the safe arrival of delicate belongings during a move.

Fragile Stickers

Including a “Fragile” label on boxes with delicate items is essential for ensuring the safe and careful handling of these belongings during a move. The label acts as a visual indicator, prompting movers and helpers to exercise caution and preventing rough handling. It also aids in strategic placement in the moving truck, efficient unpacking, and serves documentation purposes for potential insurance claims in case of damage. Overall, the “Fragile” label is a simple yet effective measure that contributes to a smoother and more secure relocation process.

Wine & Glass Boxes

Wine & Glass Boxes stand out as a specialized solution for the secure packing of fragile kitchen items during a move. Crafted with sturdy construction and featuring dividers, these boxes provide a protective shield against potential damage. The optimal dimensions ensure a snug fit for various dish and glassware sizes. To enhance protection, the use of packing paper and bubble wrap is recommended. The dedicated design, efficient unpacking, and versatility make Wine & Glass Boxes an essential choice for those prioritizing the intact arrival of delicate belongings at their new destination.

Heavy Duty Boxes and Recyclable Options

Eco Boxes - Plastic Moving Boxes

In recent years, a growing awareness of environmental sustainability has led to the development of eco-friendly alternatives in various industries. When it comes to moving, traditional cardboard boxes are being replaced by innovative solutions that reduce waste and promote reusability. One such sustainable option gaining popularity is the use of plastic moving containers, often referred to as Ecoboxes.

Ecoboxes are sturdy, reusable plastic bins designed specifically for the purpose of moving. Available for rent on a weekly basis, these containers provide a more eco-conscious choice compared to traditional cardboard boxes. Suppliers like EcoBox and Box Shop Johannesburg offer these containers as part of their commitment to providing greener moving solutions

Eco Moving Box Dimensions

Medium-Sized Eco boxes: Eco Box Internal Dimensions:

  • Size (L x W x H): L600 x W400/W370 x H300mm (70L)
  • Size (L x W x H): L400 x W300 x H315mm (26L)
  • Size (L x W x H): L600 x W400 x H315mm (55L)
  • Size (L x W x H): L600 x W400 x H400mm (70L)
    These medium-sized Eco boxes offer a balance between capacity and manageability, making them suitable for a variety of items during the moving process

Redbul Freight Crates

Redbul Freight Crates stands out as a leading provider of sustainable and custom packaging solutions in South Africa. Designed for individual packaging needs, these crates offer an eco-friendly alternative for those seeking innovative and reliable options for their moving requirements.

Key Features:

  1. Custom Packaging Solutions: Tailored to protect delicate items like ornaments, memorabilia, and statues during transit.

  2. Convenient Branches: With branches in Cape Town and Johannesburg, Redbul Freight Crates provides easy access to its plastic-free packaging solutions across South Africa.

  3. Diverse Range: From robust Freight Crates for secure cargo transit to lightweight Interlock Crates, Pallets, and Boards, Redbul offers a comprehensive range to meet various industry needs.

  4. Eco-Friendly Materials: The Rebul Freight Crate is crafted entirely from renewable materials, providing strength, shock absorption, and a 70% reduction in transportation weight compared to traditional options.

  5. Customizable and Reusable: Designed with flexibility in mind, these crates are customizable to specific requirements and can be reused, offering a sustainable option for various industries.

Redbul Freight Crates - Ideal for Moving

Redbul Freight Crates are an excellent choice for those seeking an eco-friendly alternative to traditional moving boxes. Their lightweight design, durability, and commitment to sustainability make them a smart solution for an efficient and environmentally conscious moving experience.


In conclusion, the strategic selection of appropriate moving boxes is imperative for ensuring the seamless execution of your relocation. South Africa provides a diverse array of choices, encompassing standard sizes to specialized options. Elevate the efficiency of your move by meticulously choosing moving boxes that align with your specific requirements. Leverage the comprehensive Boxes and Packaging Directory offered by Movers Magnet to connect with esteemed service providers in South Africa. Facilitate the acquisition of requisite materials by opting for delivery services or collection from their designated stores, thereby streamlining your moving process with utmost professionalism and convenience.

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